Toth Construction / 2017
Concepting, design, collateral, environments

2017 Oktoberfest Campaign

A few years ago, Toth Construction underwent a rebrand done by our good friends at Invisible Creature. Invisible Creature has since handed us the reigns to continue what they started: elevating Toth as the premier residential builder in the Pacific Northwest. The brand leans pretty heavily into the Toth family’s Bavarian roots—Walter Toth started the company in 1976, after immigrating to America from Germany—and much of the seasonal collateral, particularly for their annual Oktoberfest celebration, stems from their heritage.

There’s no question each Oktoberfest will be just as good a time—if not more so—than the last (the beers, brats, pretzels, and good times just can’t be beat), but each year the main event is still the unveiling of the annual Oktoberfest T-shirt design. The suite also includes set design and signage, an e-invite, a thank you video, and more. Humor and approachability are part of the Toth brand, and we have a blast working on this project every year.