Starbucks / 2017
Scriptwriting, concepting, location scouting, set design, production, animation, post-production, music licensing

Verismo Explainer Video

When Starbucks was preparing to re-introduce their updated Verismo Brewer to the market, they knew they needed a video-based instructional guide launched right alongside it to explain the device’s capabilities and functions. We partnered with the products team at Starbucks to script a short step-by-step video, then tapped the talents of a nine-year Starbucks veteran (a former barista and current global coffee and tea manager) to demonstrate each phase of the process. At the end of the project, we knew exactly how to work a Verismo, and were thrilled when Starbucks hooked us up with a supply of pods and a brewer for the office. We were not thrilled when we drank it all immediately and had to wait two painstakingly long months to stock up when the Verismo re-launched publicly.