Seattle Cinerama / 2015
Animation, sound design

Animated Bumper Reel

Cinerama has been a Seattle landmark since 1963. It’s famed for its comfy seats, futuristic decor, chocolate popcorn, rare three-panel Cinerama screen, and, as of 2014, Invisible Creature’s mural-led rebrand. The concept was a visual scattering of cinema’s greatest genres: action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, all integrated and seamlessly woven into each other like a story, with one genre leading to the next.

Our job was to help Invisible Creature translate their original art into an animated bumper reel that plays before every film. Special care went into deciding which pieces to animate, like the cowboy, which revealed itself to be the perfect opportunity to pay a frame-by-frame homage to Eadweard Muybridge’s "The Horse in Motion"—the first film ever made. The sound design was engineered in partnership with Dolby Digital.