Rover Branding 01

Rover / 2014
Design & collateral

Rover Rebrand

Rover brings dog lovers together, connecting a network of dog sitters to dog owners who need care for their pets while they’re away. When Rover reached out to us, they were growing rapidly. In order to meet the urgent demand for their services, they needed to clarify and articulate their vision—both for dog owners and dog sitters. We sat down with the team at Rover to help craft internal and external messaging that would solidify the brand and create competitive advantage over parity platforms. After a Belief Session that resulted in a new tagline, "Dog Lovers for Hire," we worked with illustrator Darren Booth to hand-letter a logo that reflected the perfectly imperfect relationship between dogs and their owners, resulting in a simple-yet-beautiful mark that more clearly reflected the vision of values of Rover.