Moozays Branding 01

Moozay's / 2017
Design, collateral, packaging exploration

Moozay's Visual Identity

In Rwanda, “moozay” is an esteemed and honorable nickname given to an authority in a community, not unlike “godfather.” For Arthur, a Rwandan-born friend of ours, the moniker means something much more: “dad.” When he asked us to brand his father’s Rwandan milk company, Moozay’s, we were honored. We centered the branding around the likeness of his dad, and based the mark on a photo Arthur felt captured his father’s spirit—and his ever-present wide-brimmed hat. We stripped the photograph as far as we could to keep the likeness without the detail, then paired it with a handwritten logotype as a nod to the artisanal aspect of of Moozay’s offerings: milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products.