Elevator / 2015
Creative direction, identity, design, scriptwriting, animation

Elevator Case Study

Few things are more frustrating than a great idea you can’t explain.

Elevator was a tech startup with a great idea. But when they engaged us, they were still just an idea; they had no name, no logo, no website, and no way to communicate their value proposition clearly. They needed a simple way to explain the services they were offering the marketplace: the world's first team-based hiring platform.

How do you explain a concept—a company—that hasn't previously existed? To tackle the problem and launch the brand, we identified their core messaging (“team is everything”) and initiated a four-step approach to bring the business to market: (1) name the company, (2) establish a visual identity, (3) develop a website, and (4) create a video that explains the company and communicates its beliefs.

The Name

The original idea behind Elevator was disrupting the power dynamic that exists between companies and the teams that work there. Traditionally the company is the one with all the power—but they’re entirely dependent on teams of people to get work done. By being able to move—whether laterally or vertically—with a team, power is given back to the groups of employees who make their organizations run; to give agency to teams in a way they’d never had before. Individuals contribute, but teams make history.

An elevator quickly stood out as the obvious visual, because it represented the idea of “moving up” with a group of people at the same time. 

The Dot

The dot was designed to be an equalizer that served many functions. It represented a building block; from assembling many dots, we could create a single form. It drew parallels to sports, in how coaches and commentators draw circles and lines to highlight plays on the field. And most importantly—because circles are perfectly round and even—it created visual uniformity that reinforced the team messaging we had established. 

The Video

The goal of the Elevator video was to tell stories of teamwork in the simplest fashion. In the video, we used the dots as a visual language to tell the entire story. We referenced legendary teams and drew from historical footage to round out the sound design.

The Website

We focused on keeping website copy concise, ensuring the value proposition was clearly communicated and each function was easy to navigate. Most importantly, throughout the website we kept Elevator's belief and its emphasis on the value of teams at the forefront.