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Dunn Lumber / 2018
Design, collateral, signage, digital advertising, environments, traditional media, social campaign

2018 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival Campaign

When we helped Dunn Lumber create Dunn DIY back in 2014, our goal was to introduce a new generation of customers to the longtime local lumber company. Our target market was local homeowners and DIYers, and to reach even more of those people, we knew we needed to break beyond the blog and give people a chance to interact with the brand in person. To engage this audience, we began hosting booths at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival. Years later, the annual festival is one of our most-anticipated events. Each year, we brand the booth with seasonal-inspired collateral and fill it with step-by-step garden projects and swag to introduce the Dunn DIY brand to a new demographic. 2018’s inspiration was mid-century modern. Campaign collateral included set design and signage, instructional guides, postcards, video reels, social assets, print ads, blog posts, in-store endcaps, T-shirts, and even plantable business cards.