Barc Rebrand 01

Bridge Animal Referral Center (BARC) / 2017
Design & collateral

BARC Rebrand

With the opening of their new home, Bridge Animal Referral Center (BARC) needed a new identity. Previously, BARC—which offers animal oncology and ophthalmology services—was known as Bridge, and before that they were Veterinary Cancer Specialty Care of Seattle. With the move came the name change, which better reflected a new suite of services they would be offering clients. We fleshed out a handful of ideas but kept coming back to the clarity and simplicity of a mark that included animals. Through icons, we let people know that while dogs are their primary patients (especially with the name BARC), they serve other animals as well. We used simple shapes and illustrated the animals in ways that embodied health, life, action, and agility. The dog was based on a schnauzer as a nod to the CEO’s own pet; the A was underlined in the word mark to emphasize the company’s priority: animals.