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B.Valkyrie / 2014
Branding & collateral 

B.Valkyrie Visual Identity

In a perfect world you’d never miss a birthday, soccer game, date night, or anniversary. But the reality is, life's busy. Things happen. There are deadlines, last-minute deals, and weeklong business trips. Sometimes a calendar reminder isn’t enough, and often times, we forget. B.Valkyrie, a boutique romance concierge, came to us to help visually communicate their services—which went beyond a perfectly timed bouquet or a dozen gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries.

B.Valkyrie is about investing in what matters most, and the brand demanded a wordmark that was equal parts classy, timeless, and exclusive. We used the Neutra typeface, designed by Richard Neutra, who was the premier modern architect to the SoCal elite during the art deco period. The Neutra typeface added a timelessness to the logo and the black and gold reinforced the elegance and luxury of the B.Valkyrie brand.