Amazon Kindle Protectors Film Design Illustration 01

Amazon Kindle / 2017
Storyboarding, casting, pre-production, production, post-production, VFX, layout, animation, photography, design

"The Protectors" Animated & Live-Action eBook

Of all the books we’ve had the privilege of animating for Kindle in Motion, “Protectors” offered us one of our greatest opportunities to think outside the box in terms of assets—we were able to create them all in house, which gave us a lot more flexibility and adaptability when it came to animation. The story centers around a girl whose artistic endeavors evolve into spray painting, so we mimicked the pages of her sketchbook in the pages of the e-book. Her journey starts with doodles and sketches and grows to graffiti—something uniquely familiar to our art director, who got his start as a graffiti artist and contributed his skills to this project.