Amazon Kindle Filthy Business Film Design 01

Amazon Kindle / 2017
Storyboarding, set design, casting, pre-production, production, post-production, VFX, layout, animation, photography, design

"A Filthy Business" Animated & Live-Action eBook

Unlike most of our projects with Amazon Kindle, we were prescribed zero existing assets for "A Filthy Business," which was exciting for us. From film to design to layout, we knew exactly what we had to work with, and we had an in-house team to produce content along the way. A major lift of the content creation was in the filmmaking.

The story takes place in dozens of unique locations across the country—budget-wise, we had to find a creative solution. Keeping in mind that the point of video is not to drive but enhance the story, we built individual sets on our studio cyc wall, each one with a stark background that could easily bleed up the screen to white for an effortless reading experience. The primary location in the book is a bar—so we constructed one. This location is set in the present, and is presented in color. Everything that's discussed in the bar happened in the past; as such, it's presented in black-and-white. We used props and practical lighting in each of our 10 sets.