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December 18, 2018

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You Are a Storyteller: Stories in the Wild

On You Are a Storyteller, we cover all manner of topics on the process of crafting stories: the armature, three-act structure, clone characters, and more. But what about the stories we tell everyday? Stories are everywhere, we just need to look for them. We’ve been using them to impart survival information across time and space since the beginning of time—and we’re good at it. We are, as Jonathan Gottschild put it, storytelling animals.

What may feel like conversation—a chat over coffee, a quick recounting of a client meeting, giving your partner a rundown of your day after a long day at work—are really expressions of our natural capacity for storytelling. On this episode, “Stories in the Wild,” Jesse and Bryan discuss our most ancient form of verbal communication—and hopefully demystify the art and science of storytelling.