Sell the Truth

If you're not selling the truth, what are you selling?

In 2012, we set out on a mission to prove that the truth is enough—that you can tell the truth and still make money.

In an advertising industry with a reputation for being dishonest and manipulative, our goal isn't to create conviction or manufacture meaning, it's to uncover what already exists and make it known. In an industry focused on quick gains at the expense of the long-term, we're focused on building long-term value for our clients and their customers, because only through the lens of truth can you build trust, and only once you have trust can you create a long-term relationship. And in an industry obsessed with results at any cost, we work by a different creed: that good marketing is telling the truth. The result? Brands with conviction, built to weather the storms.

Our goal is to help our clients uncover their true differentiation—the beliefs and values that drive their actions—then communicate them in a clear and compelling way to the marketplace. No hype. No lies. No manipulation. Just true stories, told in ways that connect our clients to customers who share their conviction.

If you're on board, we'd be honored to tell yours.

Andy Maier

Partner, Post-Production Supervisor

Cali Pitchel Schmidt

Creative Director

Jonathan Dunn

Director of Accounts

Jesse Bryan

Founding Partner, Chief Creative Director

Rachelle Cummings

Creative Director

Marcus Hackler

Managing Director

Hannah Lofgren

Director of Production

Brian McDonald

Chief Storyteller

Joel Cummings

Director of Strategy

Heather Croteau

Copy Director

Don Bryan


Ian Ebright

Publishing Manager/Copywriter

Ryan Clark

Art Director

Michelle Henley

Associate Filmmaker

Matt Naylor

Senior Designer

David Faddis


Hannah Gilman

Senior Copywriter

Keelan Hooper

Project Manager

Oleg Masnyy


Grant Kirkpatrick

AR/VR Developer

Joe Gannon

Account Manager

Claire Tannler

Account Manager